David C.
David C.
Rock Hill, SC

I'm a : Business Developer
looking for a : Programmer/Developer
to be my : Co-Founder
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Management Consulting Business Consulting B2B Services
About David C.

Skilled problem solver, business entrepreneur

My entire -career -- whether serving in the US Navy, working with Habitat for Humanity or as CEO of Tier One Services -- has been about achieving one overarching goal: making lives better.

Whether solving global challenges or local ones, few things excite me more than watching someone's expression go from worry to WOW! I feel truly blessed to have such skills and bring them to bear every day when working with my business clients.

Tier One Services provides accounting advisory services to help businesses define and quantify goals across a spectrum of time horizons, including exit strategies, strengthen the business ecosystem, address specific concerns, and create momentum. Tier One Services collaborates with businesses to cultivate profitability while building a rich organizational culture. For capital raises, Tier One creates custom, dynamic models to show the future financial statements of a company and investment need, which has helped generate millions of dollars in investment capital for clients.

Outsourced CFO services for small businesses whose owners demand total clarity on the financial side of their business.


Work experience

Management Consulting:2 Years
Business Consulting :3 Years
B2B Services:10 Years

Startup experience

Founded 2+ startups

Looking expertise

Programmer/Developer Marketer

David C.'s other skills

Management Financial Analysis financial modeling Accounting Cost Reduction Problem Solving Creative Thinking Strategic Planing
What David C. is looking for
Weekly commitment
of 20 hours per week
Sweat equity only
David C.'s Business Stage
Business Plan

Disney Institute: Leadership Excellence

Landmark Advanced Course

Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program

Rutgers, The State University 2009

Undergraduate in the Informatics field

Northeastern University 2016

Graduate School in the Leadership field

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David C.'s Predisposed Strengths

  • Strategic planning and problem solving
  • Designing systems for scalable growth
  • Recruiting investors, partners, employees and customers

David C.'s Built-in weaknesses

  • Being patient with employees and their mistakes
  • Keeping top manager loyal for the long-term
  • Turning "off" your business mind (work-life balance)
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