Matthew Mausner
Matthew Mausner
New York, NY

I'm a: Product Manager
looking for a: Programmer/Developer
to be my: Co-Founder
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Internet - Business
About Matthew Mausner

We are looking for a technical partner with a either a full-stack or front-end javascript-heavy background, and preferably has some experience in the internet B to C space.

Woxxer is a first-order data capture tool that holds out the promise of efficiently turning qualitative human insight, judgement, and sentiment into instantly quantifiable and usable data. It was invented/ conceived as a feature of my previous project, a wiki-for-controversy, and realizing its potential we did a zoom-in pivot.

Before this I worked on an employee 360 review at Goldman Sachs, for reality-TV-show websites crowdsourcing content & voting for MTV and Vh1, and helped build DTC's 'TradeSuite' converting all Wall St. securities settlement to client-server. I earned a History BA from Yale and a History of Science, Technology & Society MA from Bar Ilan U.

I have a social media full partner for Woxxer, Yoni Cantor-Wiseman (founder of Twittabling) and we have other junior partners with backgrounds in finance/ accounting, statistics & data systems research, and technical project management.

This is an amazing opportunity and we're looking for someone who will be as excited as we are. You can message me directly at matthew at if you're curious to learn more.


Work experience

Internet - Business:3 Years

Startup experience

First-time founder


Matthew Mausner's other skills

building communities Skillful Public Speaker Management Consulting Business analysis Social Media Crowdsourcing Scientific research History Project Management
What Matthew Mausner is looking for
Weekly commitment
of 20 hours per week
Can offer equal
investment ($5,000 - $10,000)
Matthew Mausner's Business Stage
Business Plan
Compatibility Check


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Matthew Mausner's Predisposed Strengths

  • Being creative and designing breakthrough product
  • Having a virtually limitless R&D pipeline
  • A desire to change the world

Matthew Mausner's Built-in weaknesses

  • Business strategy and problem solving
  • Salesmanship
  • Engaging in conflict, firing employees, savvy negotiating
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