John Z.
John Z.
Bridgewater, NJ

I'm a : Programmer/Developer
looking for a : Business Developer
to be my : Co-Founder


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eCommerce Big Data B2B Services
About John Z.

Customer view of the project:
Business vision of the project:

---------------------- Introduction --------------------
My current project,, has been in beta test with customers in last two months. We are collecting data, fine tuning the application and processes, preparing to bigger splashes.

The application addresses two critical issues facing small businesses today:
Although more than 70% of small businesses have had internet channels (websites, social media accounts),
1. majority of them are silent, i.e. no activities going on their internet channels to promote their businesses;
2. most do not have a way to transition the their enterprises to internet, i.e. generate a significant (or all) businesses from internet.

In a nutshell, the application ( helps small businesses broadcast their promotions to all their Internet outlets (websites, social media accounts, IMs) consistently and easily, so businesses will not only have footprints, but also their promotions on the Internet. We do this because 70-80% small businesses websites are dormant. We make it extremely easy to generate and broadcast business messages. also uses a set of proprietary processes to help business owners grow their email list, social media follower/fan bases. This aspect of moves clients toward true "businesses on internet".

You can find this small business perspective of at You can also review this chart which shows the business vision of WebCoupon:

Our beta runs generating some interesting data, some supports our original thinking, others suggest changes. I'll be happy to talk about it if you are interested in.

We are seeking cofounders to bring this exciting project to the next level.

Best Regards

John Zhu
Cofounder of Liquibil Business Solutions,
Developer of


Work experience

eCommerce:15 Years
Big Data:7 Years
B2B Services:18 Years

Startup experience

Founded 1 startup

Areas of expertise

Programmer/Developer Product Manager

Looking expertise

Business Developer Marketer
What John Z. is looking for
Weekly commitment
of 20 hours per week
Sweat equity only
John Z.'s Business Stage
Business Plan
Indiana University 1992

Graduate School in the Computer Science field

Compatibility Check


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John Z.'s Predisposed Strengths

  • Being creative and designing breakthrough product
  • Having a virtually limitless R&D pipeline
  • A desire to change the world

John Z.'s Built-in weaknesses

  • Business strategy and problem solving
  • Salesmanship
  • Engaging in conflict, firing employees, savvy negotiating
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