John Zhu
John Zhu
Bridgewater, NJ

I'm a: Programmer/Developer
looking for a: Business Developer
to be my: Co-Founder
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B2B Services Big Data eCommerce
About John Zhu

If you are in NJ,NYC,Philly area, check this out:

--- My Project Now ----
This project is about using data - lots of data - and online marketplace to give small businesses their most relevant sales leads.
I am courteously inviting ambitious talents who had experiences in:

1. Business development and marketing professionals
2. software developers/technologist, for a hands-on CTO role.
3. I also work with college interns who are looking for exciting business & technological challenges.

Please note that I am not offering a job to anyone. I am sincerely seeking a partner with whom we can bring this project to a new height.

----- The problem we are solving is-----
"how can small businesses get access to good business strategies, cost-effectively, in running and growing their businesses?"

Why is this a problem?
1. Studies after studies have shown that small business owners must think and act strategically, in marketing, in sales, in resource management, all aspects of their businesses, in order to avoid the fatal fate of failures.
2. However, the reality is that only very small percentage of small business owners can get out of day-to-day cycles to think & act strategically.

In other words, small businesses are extremely under served by business consultants and the industry they represent

---------- If you are still interested, please continue, Thank You ------------
After working for the biggest names in corporate America for 18 years, I started to develop internet-based applications to help small businesses grow by utilizing data:
* public data from governments,
* commercial (private but for sale) data from businesses like D&B, LinkedIn, etc; and
* proprietary (private but not for sale) data such as records in their Quickbooks.

The idea behind the effort is to aggregate public & commercial data, and mesh them with proprietary data, in order to generate insights specific to individual (small) businesses.

After a few rounds of pivot, the current focus is on a platform which
1. Provides data accesses and necessary tooling for users (business consultants, marketeers, market insiders) to create (small) business data solutions, such as lead-lists for certain offers, or a particular ways of marketing certain services
2. Facilitates marketing and sales of these business solutions to small business owners -- think of it as an eBay-like marketplace for small business (data) solutions based on public, commercial and private data..

The current status:
* We have collected a vast amount of public data -- real-estate, census, business listing
* We have manually build sample solutions, and sold to local businesses -- we have (partially) validated that customers will use and pay for what we are building
* We have accumulated reusable software assets from previous efforts -- user management, transaction management, access to Quickbook accounting data, etc

Visit us at, and drop me a line to connect


Work experience

B2B Services:18 Years
Big Data:7 Years
eCommerce:5 Years

Startup experience

Founded 1 startup

Areas of expertise

Programmer/Developer Product Manager

Looking expertise

Business Developer Marketer
What John Zhu is looking for
Weekly commitment
of 20 hours per week
Sweat equity only
John Zhu's Business Stage
Business Plan
Indiana University 1992

Graduate School in the Computer Science field

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John Zhu's Predisposed Strengths

  • Being creative and designing breakthrough product
  • Having a virtually limitless R&D pipeline
  • A desire to change the world

John Zhu's Built-in weaknesses

  • Business strategy and problem solving
  • Salesmanship
  • Engaging in conflict, firing employees, savvy negotiating
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