Find a Co-Founder in Boston, MA

Did you know that founding teams with multiple co-founders have a greater chance of success? If you’re looking for someone to join your venture, looking for a venture to join, or open to either, sign up and attend our local, in-person Meetups to discover the perfect co-founder to round out your team. You’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are as energized as you are about launching a new business and who possess a wide range of unique experiences, ideas, and skills.

Unlike some networking events which lack structure and are cluttered with a large amount of people with varying intentions‚ our Meetups are laser-focused to help you find a co-founder.

The in-person events are a perfect complement to your online search at After you register for an event, go to to find and pre-network with a few people whom you want to have a deeper conversation with at the event. Be sure to also add the event to your CoFoundersLab profile to let others know that you plan to attend the event.

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See what entrepreneurs have to say about our events.

See what entrepreneurs have to say about our events.

Our Volunteers

Danny Brundage

Danny Brundage


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What they're saying...

This group has so many great people that all have a common goal. It's a great way to meet like minded people that you can end up working with.

Brad Durbin Member Since 2012
Brad Durbin

Great to meet such a diverse, open and interesting group of entrepreneurs. Made some nice connections whom I hope I can help connect on their pursuits and perhaps some that may help me on my business ideas.

Ed Ross Member Since 2012
Ed Ross

Professionally-run and well-attended event which made connections happen.

Michael Potts Member Since 2012
Michael Potts

Good format. High impact with the ability to easily discuss ideas with many great minds.

Chuck Toye Member Since 2012
Chuck Toye

This was an excellent event. The people were awesome.

Chandra Jacobs Member Since 2013
Chandra Jacobs

I thought it was a great meetup, just what i was looking for.

Thomas Holmes Member Since 2012
Thomas Holmes

Great event, great people. I am looking forward to next event! Thank you everyone!

Volkan Member Member Since 2012
Volkan Member

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