Private Labeling

Private labeling your own version of CoFoundersLab's proprietary entrepreneur matching technology is the perfect way to offer a co-founder matching environment for your community. Leverage our established entrepreneur matchmaking platform and the largest existing pool of entrepreneurs behind your logo, branding, colors, and custom communications.

  • Accelerate startup and business formation within your community
  • Utilize our proven matchmaking platform
  • Provide an "on ramp" for those interested in entrepreneurship
  • Expose others to a path they may not have considered
  • Extend your brand through a sticky, valuable service
  • Continue to demonstrate leadership and commitment in the entrepreneurship space
Check out some of our current partners below. For more partners, click here.
University/College/School Entrepreneurship Programs
Entrepreneurship Organizations
Economic Development Offices

Our entrepreneur matchmaking platform is empowering cities to foster more entrepreneurship in the community spurring innovation, and most importantly, creating jobs.

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