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Join our community of over 70,000 founders, advisors, interns and startup professionals to help launch and grow your business.

Choosing your co-founder is arguably the most important business decision you’ll make. Traditionally, entrepreneurs turn to friends and family when searching for business partners, but this search is often too limited in scope. Our free, online matchmaking service gives you access to the largest group of entrepreneurs ever assembled looking to join a startup or be joined on their venture. CoFoundersLab will help you cast a much wider net in your search for talent.

Strong Team = Strong Foundation = Better Chance of Success

Our team-building platform ensures you and your founding team will:

- Possess complementary skills
- Have compatible personalities, goals and values
- Utilize proprietary tools to ensure your partnership lasts

Post a free profile today, search for and get discovered by other entrepreneurs, and find your perfect match.

Yes It Really Works

Simply put, this is why we do what we do. We measure ourselves by the number of successful companies that are born through our efforts of building a founding team. This is why we come to work each day and it is the ultimate measure of our success. We are extremely proud of the founding teams who met through CoFoundersLab. Various successful matches on CoFoundersLab have gone on to graduate from top accelerators, build out their team, raise millions of dollars in venture capital, and some have already been acquired! If you found your co-founder of business partner through CoFoundersLab, please contact us so we can highlight you in our blog.


Attend a free matchmaking event and meet other entrepreneurs and founders just as excited as you are to launch a new business. We set up free events in partnership with top brands in entrepreneurship and the startup industry in over 45 cities across the world.

Visit our Events page for more info.

Join the Movement

Once in awhile, a movement starts that leaves a lasting impact on how the world works. CoFoundersLab is at the forefront of the entrepreneur movement. We rely on our loyal and dedicated volunteers to help organize in many cities we can’t reach, and are always looking for extra help. If you’d like to bring CoFoundersLab to your city, we’d love to hear from you. We can’t think of a better way for you to get involved with your local entrepreneur community.

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Our Story

Conceived on 1/1/11, CoFoundersLab is a Maryland-based startup focused on bringing together entrepreneurs with the aim of launching a startup together. We do this matchmaking for entrepreneurs through in-person Meetups and through our online matching service.

Tap into our online co-founder matching site and discover entrepreneurs who are looking to join a startup or are seeking a business partner to join them. Think eHarmony™ for entrepreneurs. Search for co-founders in your city or post your profile so you can be discovered by entrepreneurs who could turn out to be your perfect match.

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