Hubert Ho
San Jose, CA

I'm a: Business Developer
looking for a: Programmer/Developer
to be my: Co-Founder
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Hubert Ho is Looking to join a Startup
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Business Consulting
About Hubert Ho

I am a multi-skilled individual specializing in the establishment and development of start-up companies. After assisting other managers and small business owners increase the efficiency and productivity, I am also ready to and develop a new venture with the right partner(s).

I am experienced in business and financial management, research, customer service, and social behavior. I have performed some recent work designing a mobile app for Android. I open to learning new skills and doing whatever it takes to reach our goals.

I am searching for a partner who is committed and passionate, flexible and open-minded.

If you have a well-thought, marketable product or service in mind and feel that I might be able to help you succeed, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Work experience

0 years of experience in the Business Consulting industry

Startup experience

Founded 1 startup


Hubert Ho's other skills

user experience DESIGN Mobile App Research design Operations Forecasting Entrepreneur branding Management Strategic Planing business plans Accounting Financial Analysis Human Resources Cost Reduction behavioral analysis
What Hubert Ho has to offer
Weekly commitment
of 40 hours per week
Can offer equal
investment ($5,000 - $10,000)
University of California, Irvine 2006

Undergraduate in the Applied Social Science; Business Management field

san jose state university 2009

Graduate School in the Business Admin/Finance field

Compatibility Check


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Hubert Ho's Predisposed Strengths

  • Delivering the main product/service to customers
  • Managing the day-to-day operations
  • Building long-term inter-personal relationships

Hubert Ho's Built-in weaknesses

  • Standing out in a crowded competitive landscape
  • Scaling up a venture and selling it for a high multiple
  • Lead generation and selling
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