Robert Ofenstein
San Francisco, CA

I'm a: Business Developer
looking for a: Programmer/Developer
to be my: Co-Founder
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Robert Ofenstein is Seeking someone to join them
Robert Ofenstein is interested in these industries
Mobile Consumer Apps Mobile Business Apps Big Data
About Robert Ofenstein

Looking for 1 BUSINESS and 1 TECHNICAL Cofounder to apply to the San Francisco Accelerator Program called "Alchemist" - JOIN ME - SIGNUP IS NOW !
An innovative business model, $50,000 already invested, customers waiting, the hottest new companies in payment & search & hands free & more want to partner with GeoHelp. We are very close to launch and ready to go full steam ahead!

We offer consumers a business-only social media app called "GeoHelp - Location-based Customer Service" and offer businesses a mobile/tablet backend to manage their account INSIDE the consumer APP. This model is called "APP-as-a-Service" and we have received very favorable reactions from beta customers. We are approx 85% ready to launch, but I need your expertise to take the ball over the goal line!

The technical employees so far have been 3rd parties and it is time to add a technical co-founder (s) to make the last improvements before launch, to take responsibility for offering an industry leading concept, and creating a robust world-wide SaaS solution.

A business partner would ideally have a business development and sales skills. A thorough knowledge of SaaS platform growth would be a real plus.


Work experience

25 years of experience in the Mobile Consumer Apps industry

Startup experience

Founded 1 startup

Looking expertise

Programmer/Developer Engineer Business Developer

Robert Ofenstein's other skills

Program Management Marketing Business development SQL JavaScript Cloud
What Robert Ofenstein is looking for
Weekly commitment
of 10 hours per week
Sweat equity only
Robert Ofenstein's Business Stage
Business Plan
Pepperdine University 1994

Graduate School in the MS Technology Management field

Boston University 2004

Graduate School in the Master Cert. in Computer Networks field

Compatibility Check


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Robert Ofenstein's Predisposed Strengths

  • Strategic planning and problem solving
  • Designing systems for scalable growth
  • Recruiting investors, partners, employees and customers

Robert Ofenstein's Built-in weaknesses

  • Being patient with employees and their mistakes
  • Keeping top manager loyal for the long-term
  • Turning "off" your business mind (work-life balance)
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