Hesham Zreik
Palo Alto, CA

I'm a: Programmer/Developer
looking for a: Marketer
to be my: Co-Founder
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eLearning Information Technology Mobile Business Apps
About Hesham Zreik

I am a technology professional and a serial entrepreneur with strong academic & business backgrounds and a passion for building innovative start-ups around the principle of developing simple solutions to challenging problems.
I have the ability to quickly build startups (lean startup approach, agile and my own approach). So if you have an idea and need technical execution then i can dedicate some of my team to do it and co-invest on this basis..
Technical Areas that i can cover easily:
1) I have good experience with Mobile in general (apps, games and other content).
2) I also excel in Search services or matching services. If you need any search or vertical search then i can greatly help.
3) I am also active in Virtualization and clouding.
4) Messaging solution
5) Distance learning
Through my career i was able to start more than 15 companies. I am also currently founder and investor in more than 8 companies. I focus on companies which have an IT side (not interested in realestate for example but if you are building a web service for realestate then i am interested).
If you have a startup, i can help in conceptualization, SWOT analysis, business plan, strategic planning, architecture of the solution (technical side), managing technical team, investment, fund raising and management of the team.

I have also some other companies and I am looking for Marketing/sales people to join me. I have the following companies:
1) Dooet: vertical search engine for mobile content (www.dooet.com).
2) mobile business applications (www.abcmob.com)
3) Clouding solution and bringing cloud closer to SME and big entreprises (letuscloud.com)
4) cross platofrm Messaging solutions (www.meody.com)
5) Appstore creation (www.mobayle.com)
6) data mining and search service in different languages (www.nakkeb.com)
7) I am also mentor and cofounder to other under-the-table projects
If you have good sales/marketing/business development skills then i will be more than happy to hire or include you as a partner.


Work experience

14 years of experience in the eLearning industry


Hesham Zreik's other skills

data analysis Data Mining HTM5 Mobile App
What Hesham Zreik is looking for
Weekly commitment
of 10 hours per week
Sweat equity only
Hesham Zreik's Business Stage
Business Plan
Edinburgh University 2013

Graduate School in the Doctorate of Business Administration field

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Hesham Zreik's Predisposed Strengths

  • Strategic planning and problem solving
  • Designing systems for scalable growth
  • Recruiting investors, partners, employees and customers

Hesham Zreik's Built-in weaknesses

  • Being patient with employees and their mistakes
  • Keeping top manager loyal for the long-term
  • Turning "off" your business mind (work-life balance)
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