Tane Ross
Oakland, CA

I'm a: Designer
looking for a: Programmer/Developer
to be my: Co-Founder
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Tane Ross is Looking to join a Startup
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Internet - Consumer
About Tane Ross

I am a UX Designer and Design Strategist. I can do rapid generation thumbnailing of concepts, wireframes, comps and css with some javascript/front end code. Presentation graphics even motion graphics.

I'm a Design Thinker which means getting to the core user needs, prototyping, iterating ideas and taking business goals into consideration when designing.

I am looking the flesh out my portfolio with work on mobile, ecommerce and social media interfaces. I'd like to add more tech oriented projects to my portfolio and practice a Lean Start-up process.

I don't need to be a co-founder, maybe just someone who can help you shape your vision, represent the user in your strategy, style your MVP, or do some wireframes and comps to test your assumptions.


Work experience

0 years of experience in the Internet - Consumer industry


Tane Ross's other skills

CRUD Lean Start Up Rapid Prototyping Game Theory
What Tane Ross has to offer
Weekly commitment
of 20 hours per week
Sweat equity only
CCA 2011

Graduate School in the MBA Design Strategy field

Compatibility Check


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Tane Ross's Predisposed Strengths

  • Delivering the main product/service to customers
  • Managing the day-to-day operations
  • Building long-term inter-personal relationships

Tane Ross's Built-in weaknesses

  • Standing out in a crowded competitive landscape
  • Scaling up a venture and selling it for a high multiple
  • Lead generation and selling
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