Mukul Joshi
Mountain View, CA

I'm a: Programmer/Developer
looking for a: Business Developer
to be my: Co-Founder
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About Mukul Joshi

I am 13+ years experience Serial Entreprenuer with strong computer science research and development background. I am looking forward to provide my technology, innovation and product development expertise to start-up founders.

I am a Director and Co-founder of a company SpotOn Software Pvt. Ltd. which is 4+ years old and has strong expertise in mobile & server dev with global customer base.

I am on a sabbatical and am looking to help other entrepreneurs by working to build their product if I like the idea. I would do this with part equity if I like the idea or pure consulting as a programmer dev if I don't want to venture into this or the founders don't like to share equity.

My expertise include
Search/Data Mining/Machine learning/Databases/Mobile apps/Social networking/Networking stacks/Server development/Enterprise Apps development.
iOS/Android/BB/J2ME SDK
Various web frameworks like Pylons/Django/CakePHP/Yii/Struts

I also have a team of developers/freelancers in India to be used if required.


Work experience

0 years of experience in the Software industry


Mukul Joshi's other skills

Data Mining Search server development Mobile App scientific computing Databases Python PHP Java c++ Android App Development iOS Development C# HTM5 Lisp
What Mukul Joshi has to offer
Weekly commitment
of 30 hours per week
Sweat equity only
University of Pune 1999

Undergraduate in the Bachelor of Engineering field

Indian Institute of Technology 2002

Graduate School in the Master in Computer Science. field

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Mukul Joshi's Predisposed Strengths

  • Delivering the main product/service to customers
  • Managing the day-to-day operations
  • Building long-term inter-personal relationships

Mukul Joshi's Built-in weaknesses

  • Standing out in a crowded competitive landscape
  • Scaling up a venture and selling it for a high multiple
  • Lead generation and selling
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